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Thank you for visiting this page.

This is our offer to those of you who want to use Bank Transfer or Bitcoin digital currency.

Our offer is as follows:

1. We give an additional Discount to you for 20%, For example: If your total order of USD 3000 Then you will get USD 3000 - 20% = USD 2400

2. We provide Free Duty Tax, you will not be charged duty taxes when your package gets in place.

3. We provide Free Accessories 

4. We will use fast delivery with 6 business days to arrive at your address.

5. We give 100% Money Back Guarantee, If Items / Accessories You receive Damage, Not Original, Or Lost in Shipping Process. We will be responsible with this. and we are able to complete it within 1 day.

We are glad to give you the above offer, and If you accept the offer please re-order on our website, and Select Payment method of Bank Transfer or Digital currency Bitcoin.
Use this coupon Name SAVE20 : to get a 20% discount.

Please login again to re-order. http://road-bike-sale.com/login.php 

After you make payment via Bank Transfer or Digital Currency Bitcoin, please attach your payment receipt to our email, so that our Staff will immediately arrange your package and shipment

How to make a payment with Bitcoin? please visit this tutorial page http://road-bike-sale.com/pages/BTC.html  this payment method is very fast and efficient, you can buy bitcoin through your credit card.


To send payment with bitcoin is very easy,efficient and transaction fee is not more than 5 Dollar. Follow the steps below.

1. Visit this Company : https://changelly.com , or https://www.coinmama.com Signup and submit your personal details and upload a photo of your ID.

2. Do a bitcoin purchase, If your Grand Total is 1215, Buy bitcoin according to the amount. they will calculate from USD to BTC.

3. If they ask for a Bitcoin address, enter the bitcoin address we have given you. Check our bitcoin address in your email.

4.  Wait until they have notified whether your credit card is approved or not, it will take 1 business day. If your credit card is approved by them, then we will receive your payment.

5. After we receive payment from the company, we will notify you immediately.


What if they can not process your credit card? or your credit card is not approved?

Please Quiet, there are still other companies. Below we provide some list of companies that can Accept credit cards to Buy bitcoin. you should try once again at another company.

1. https://changelly.com

2. https://buy.bitcoin.com

3. https://paxful.com

4. https://coinbase.com

5. https://www.coinmama.com/bitcoin

Please try once again some of the above companies, do his way like the instructions above.

This transaction is very easy and efficient, please try it first. and if you are still confused please ask us back.